Aiki Jujutsu (the gentle art and the spirit coming together)

ki (spirit, life energy) Ki is the essence of true spirit and heart)

ai (coming together)

aiki (the coming together of the spirit)

Jujutsu (the gentle art)

Aiki-Jujutsu is the practice of Jujutsu under the concept of Aiki. The body posture is that of being suspended from the top of the head so that the spine is straight. It has a unique footwork that makes the art like no other. You need to incorporate the concepts of “Aiki” into your Jujutsu training in order to train in Aiki-Jujutsu.

Because of the physical nature of Jujutsu, Aiki is expressed as an effect on the spirit of the individual. This Aiki comes only from waiting for the attacker to act and then intercepting his attack. If you initiate the attack you become unable to intercept your attacker. This is the essence of self-defence.