Jojutsu (stick art)

The body posture and foot movements are similar to that of Kenjutsu.

The Jo staff is about 4ft long x 1″ dia and is used with a blend of spear, staff and sword arts.

After the Second World War when American occupying forces banned all Bujutsu practice, the Jo became a popular weapon for the Japanese police.

Jojutsu is reputed to have been invented by the great swordsman Muso Gonnosuke. Gonnosuke challenged Miyamto Musashi to a dual with a Bo (6ft staff). Defeated by Musashi’s famous two-sword technique Gonnosuke withdraw to a Shinto shrine and created the art of the Jo. He blended his long staff techniques which uses both ends of the Jo with that of spear fighting which uses thrusting attacks to the face and solar plexus and the more traditional cutting actions of swordsmanship together with more unorthodox methods of combat.

He named his style Shinto Muso Ryu and challenged Musahsi again. This time, the faster and more intricate techniques of this shorter weapon allowed Gonnosuke to penetrate Musashi’s two sword strategy.