Kyu Shin Do (the way of seeking your true inner self)

Kyu Shin Do was founded by Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan Judo

Kenshiro Abbe blended an ancient Japanese philosophy with his Martial Arts training and created Kyu Shin Do. He trained and taught at the Butokukai in Japan for many years and used the same system that he learned there for the syllabus of Kyu Shin Do Judo which explains why the Kyu Shin Do syllabus is different from the Kodokan syllabus.

In 1955 Kenshiro Abbe at the age of 40 came to London. Sensei Abbe was one of the most influential figures in Britain’s martial arts history and is credited with introducing the previously unknown arts of Kendo, Aikido, Karate, Kyudo, Iaido, Jukendo, Yarido, Naginatado and Atemi Jutsu to the UK.

Kyu Shin Do. Kyu means to study or to seek; Shin means the heart, the spirit or ones true inner nature and Do means the way or the path, in the sense of a journey involving one’s whole life – a way of life or self-discipline. The whole system is based on three fundamental principles:

Bambutsu Ruten – All things existing in the universe turn in constant state of change.

Ritsudo – The motion of the universe is a flowing movement, rhythmic and smooth.

Chowa – All things in the universe flow and work in a perfect harmony.