Richard Morris 10th Dan

Soke Richard Morris 10 Dan

Richard Morris’s first contact with Martial Arts was over 60 years ago when his father and uncle returned from the Burma Campaign. There they learned Martial Arts and passed their knowledge on to Richard. His first real teacher was Prof. Alf Morgan who was a Catch Master and the first man in the UK to be taught Jujutsu by Sensei Yukio Tani.

After Richard Morris’s examination to 4th Dan Jujutsu under Sensei Morgan, who died shortly afterwards, he met Prof. James Blundell and Robert Clark. Together they wanted to find out which style of Jujutsu was most suitable for today’s application.

Richard Morris was chairmen of British Jiu Jitsu Association and director of the World Jiu Jitsu Federation from 1974 – 1986. He resigned from both appointments and in 1986 founded Jiu Jitsu International aiming to bring together the world’s best Jujutsu teachers under one parent organization.