Rob Brettell 5th Dan

15th August 1955 – 23rd March 2015

Rob Brettells martial arts career started in the summer of 1978 at the Barnet Budo Club, York Road New Barnet. The club was opened by Sensei Peter Monkman and run by his son Dean.

In the early 80’s, training was 7 days a week at many clubs in and around London under different Masters learning different styles. This helped fashion an open minded and varied approach to the martial arts.

Rob Brettell Rob Brettell Rob Brettell

Rob has spent over thirty years studying many Bujutsu styles including the techniques of Kyushin Ryu, Yoshin Ryu, Hakko Ryu, and Daito Ryu, coupled with Shindo Muso Ryu and Muso Shinden Ryu weapons systems.

In 1989 he was awarded a diplomer in shiatsu massage. Its study of the meridians and subo reinforced by the Hakko Ryu system of attacking nerve and pressure points in addition to other Jujutsu and Bujutsu styles were the basis for the development of the Shinken Shobu Ryu.

Rob Brettell Rob Brettell Rob Brettell

There have been many arts and styles taught at the Barnet Club by numerous instructors over the years, many now running their own associations. Rob was awarded 5th Dan Jujutsu on 12th Jan 2008 by Soke Richard Morris of Jiu Jitsu International and now is the chief instructor at London Jujutsu.

Shodan Jujutsu
13th March 1985 Sensei Peter Monkman

Shodan Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo
9th August 1987 Hiroi Sensei

Godan Jiu Jitsu 12th Jan 2008
Hanshi Richard Morris